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Booster : CT CORE

CT Core adds re-usable content to Xie's mod for the sole purpose of further Boosters to call on a "standard" set of tools and items and blocks that are seperate from the vanilla minecraft items. July of 2012 saw a major overhaul of the content of the Core along with it's organization. This change was made in the hopes of making the writing of further Boosters simpler and make the content a user chooses to download more customizable. This wiki saw a major revamp of it's organization at the same time.


Q. What does item "X" or "Y" or "Z" do? I can't seem to find any use for it...

A. The Core has many items that are meant to be used by other Boosters. Many items in the Core are meant to have "no specific use" at this time, they are included in the Core so that further Boosters can call on those objects as they see fit. The Core contains broad categories of items intended for the largest use they can have.

Example: CTCore includes various baking pans..muffin/cupcake pans, cookie sheets etc.. CTValentine can call on all of those bakingpans to make Valentine themed baked goods, while a later Holiday release can call on the same pans for its theme as well.. making it so that each of those packs can be run neatly together with the least crossover possible.


CTCore 7-15-2012 : Complete overhaul of the Core, seperating unneeded files/items. CTcore 4096-1ds : Made the Core compatible with 4096 block ids.

Ctcore Version 1.2 : Allowed some foods from CTcore to be used in sammiches and salads.

Ctcore Version 1.1 : Initial release version.

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