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==About Cylan's Boosters==
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Cylan Tharaith's "Booster Packs" extend [ Xie's Minecraft Mod]. More information about Xie's mod can also be found at [ Xie's Wiki]. All of Cylan's Boosters require the use of [ Minecraft Forge API].
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#Unzip the contents of booster into the “/mods/xie/content” folder
Since Xie's Mod updated to allow for user created configuration files to edit minecraft content, I was very excited to begin "booster modding" my minecraft game. My very first attempt being a simple addtion of flowers to add variety to the fields of minecraft, and to make collecting the various in game dyes simpler. My theory of gameplay is eclectic to say the least, with additions to make some difficult items stretch a bit better, and expanding farming, food, and decoration possibilities of the game.
Most of the Booster's I will be creating will have a dependency on Xie's default content, and my own default content that I have chosen to name "CTCore". While the original Flowers Booster is standalone, the purpose of creating the core was to have an expanded list of available materials and items that all of my boosters could share, and not have to duplicate blocks or items in the individual booster packs. My core booster adds 36+ blocks and 185+ items to the minecraft game, and though metadata is used to stretch those blocks as much as I can, the variety of crops and other place-able items in the core has been narrowed down as far as I dare. I run few block-adding mods on my own minecraft game, and I realize that makes it a bit easier on me than on folks with more intensive mods, but... making things that I'd like added to my game is kind-of uncontrollable. XD

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